Ancient Murder

Sea of Cortez 1944

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Lucas paddled the inflatable toward shore after his passengers fell into the boat or were pushed.
“Where are they? It’s so dark; the beach looks empty, maybe in the clump of trees to the right?”
“Stop speaking German; someone might hear, you damn fool!”
“That’s why we are here,” he said with a snarl. “Soon, German will be the only language in the world.”
“Until then, shut up, before you get us killed,”
Lucas listened to the exchange as he stepped into the water, pulling the inflatable onto the packed sand as the two whispered in an argument about the boy’s pack. A roar in the sky caught their attention.
“What the hell!” Lucas ran to the trees, falling in the sand just as a plane screamed by flying low at high speed, with two more following!
“Jeez! America, NAVY HELLCATS!” He shouted, looking out to sea at his retreating sub when the first hellcat strafed the deck, tearing it to pieces along with the two-deck gunners! The other two came in fast-dropping torpedoes!
He saw the kid running down the beach, there was a burst of gunfire, the boy fell! The agent turned toward Lucas and started shooting.
“Damn!” Lucas rolled to the right behind the dune, pulling out his revolver, took a quick shot; the agent fell!
Lucas looked past him, watching his sub go down fast with all hands below deck, including their Kapitän, Günter, his uncle.
The Hellcats circled, checking the area soon; it was quiet. The planes searched farther out, leaving Lucas dumbfounded, staring out at sea at the empty space.